Change of plans

The plan was to spend Thursday morning in Normandy, then off to Ghent and a lovely dinner. From there we should cruise slowly to Malmö, arriving on Monday.

First, we learned that all restaurants in Belgium would be closed from Thursday. Why stay in Belgium then? Let’s go to Amsterdam and have dinner.

But first, we managed a gourmet dinner in Belgium.

Then we learned that Denmark will close down entirely at noon Saturday. Could we get there before the deadline? Well if we got close enough for a stay over we could start early and get the ferry from Putgarten.

We would not be alone with that idea, we could see the ques for the ferry building up during the night. We started to look for some alternatives. This is at 18:00.

Searching for departures we saw one at 02:30 Saturday morning. We were four hours away from the port in Travemunde. We bought a ticket and some Red Bull. We were at the check in at 00:45.

We did it

So, we are already in Sweden. Better to be here than trying to get through Denmark or getting on a ferry with all other people.

Crisp and very cold
Sweden gets closer

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